The Los Angeles,CA-based sibling quartet of Brown Shoe have developed a reputation over the course of four previously released albums for a sound that has pulled the band in two different directions, sometimes simultaneously – very big and very loud, and very simple. Their fifth album Lonely Beast is divided into three, separately released EPs with Lonely Beast Part 1 seeing an April 8th release. 

Interestingly, the splitting of the album into three different EPs has a convoluted backstory – the band has said that in some part, the changing landscape of digital media and the shrinking attention spans of the general public has some influence behind it. It also allows for the band to continue a publicity push throughout the year instead of a brief blast of publicity over a month or two for it to be forgotten by the next release. But also, the band figured, “why not?" 

"Babe in Woods” is the latest single off Lonely Beast Part 1 and it’s an atmospheric and moody track that manages to be anthemic in a similar fashion to early U2 – think of The Unforgettable Fire and Joshua Tree-era U2 in particular. And much like those great songs, you can probably envision people yelling the chorus along with the band at a live show. Yes, it has that kind of intensity and earnest behind it; the sort where you can’t help but get swept up in it.