The Melbourne, Australia-based quartet of Joshua Delaney (Chet Faker, SMILE), Kaia McCarthy-Smith (guitar), John Wailer (guitar) and Nick Park (drums) formed their band Rat & Co some time ago. And with the release of the band’s critically applauded debut effort, One (壱) Uno (壹) Ein, the band quickly developed a reputation for crating a moodily atmospheric and cinematic-sounding soundscape that owes a debt to trip hop, hip-hop. industrial electronica and several other genres. 

Binary, the band’s sophomore effort has already been released in their native Australia and is slated for a September 19 release Stateside. And i think the album will further cement the Melbourne-based quartet’s reputation for crafting intricately detailed soundscapes – and perhaps just as important, it will cement the band’s reputation as one of their native country’s finest contemporary exports. 

“Samurai,” one of the first singles off Binary is comprised of glitchy synths, hip-hop beats and swirling electronics and although the song is decidedly in the trip-hop mold, it possesses a very subtle sense of menace right underneath its seemingly placid surface. 

The official video shows a busy cosmopolitan intersection with pedestrians and commuters going about in reverse and in different speeds, to create a very dizzying and trippy visual.