The Montreal, QC-based singer/songwriter Xavier Cafeine’s first two albums, Mal Eduqué Mon Amour and Giselle were released to critical praise in his native Quebec and they’re considered part of the province’s punk canon as he’s developed a reputation for writing material that openly and proudly defies easy categorization; in fact, on his latest single “Love Disease (Christmas in New York)” the song draws from punk rock, glam rock, pop and others as it describes the loneliness and heartache of being alone for Christmas for fir time in some time but with a defiant, proud tone that says “yes, I’m alone and heartbroken but life goes on as it always does.” And it does so in a rather rousingly anthemic fashion. 

The official video is shot in a dramatic and gorgeously cinematic black and white and captures the band performing live at what looks like The Studio at Webster Hall

His latest album, New Love which will feature “Love Disease (Christmas in New York)” will see a Stateside release on February 17th, and I think as a result of this single, Cafeine will probably be a name you’ll hear in many more Stateside blogs.