The Northern California-based band Sleepy Sun have been together six years, and in that time they’ve released three full-length records, and have toured with the likes of the Black Angels and the Arctic Monkeys. With the October 15th release of their forthcoming 7 inch, 11:32/Lane through Dine Alone Records, the album not only shows a continued growth in their sound but also reflects the band’s increasing national presence. “11:32” is the first single off the 7 inch and it begins with a sludgy, syrupy, stoner rock dirge that bears similarities to Alice in ChainsQueens of the Stone Age, as well as the Black Angels. 

The video seems to capture the feel of the song, as it follows a woman who goes on a terrible drug binge, suffers paranoid delusions (perhaps?) and is later found (presumably) dead on a beach. It’s creepy and fucked up.