The Northern California-based band Sleepy Sun have been together six years, and in that time they’ve released three full-length records, and have toured with the likes of the Black Angels and the Arctic Monkeys. Their latest 7 inch single, 11:32/The Lane was released last week through Dine Alone Records. “The Lane” is the B side to the 7 inch, and it’s an ethereal and hazy bit of psychedelica that lingers like cigarette smoke caught in a breeze. But on repeated listens the track has an anxious, haunting beauty — thanks in part to the subtle nods to Eastern ragas, and the use of cello throughout the chorus and bridge. The song manes to be 

“The Lane” is the sort of song that manages to burrow deep into your consciousness and stays there for a while, as it’s direct and yet expansive and mind-altering. In particular, check out the incredible guitar solo that begins around the 3:54 mark. In some way, it reminds me of some of the incredible solos of David Gilmour: it manages a very precise control, while being beautiful and expansive. 

The official video, released on the heels of the band announcing the forthcoming release of their fourth full-length effort Maui Tears is a particularly trippy experience, worthy of hallucinogens.