The Perth, Australia-based band, the High Learys formed in 2011 when cousins Jamie Turner (vocals, bass) and Matt Williams (guitar) met Mike Mutt (organ) in high school. They later recruited Adrian Macmillan to flesh out the band’s sound on drums. in their native Australia and across the blogosphere, the band has developed a reputation for a sound that has been described as a contemporary take on the blues, psych rock and 1960s pop – in fact, you’ll likely hear elements of the Doors, the Who, Jethro Tull, the Animals, the Turtles and countless others. 

“Clear My Mind,” is the first single off the band’s “Clear My Mind 7 inch” slated for a summer release, and when you hear it, it should evoke the psychedelic sounds of the summer of love. In some way it almost sounds as though someone discovered an old 7 inch in a used record store.