The Portland, OR-based Morning Ritual is a collaboration between composer Ben Darwish, twin sisters and vocalists Katelyn and Laurie Shook, multi-instrumentalist William Seiji Marsh and drummer Russ Kleiner. 

The quintet’s debut effort, The Clear Blue Pearl, which was released last May received quite a bit of attention for it’s sound and for it’s incredibly unique concept – the album tells the story of a husband and wife, who after a drought plagues their land, set out in search of the Clear Blue Pearl, an aquifer rumored to be near their property. After a harrowing search, they finally find the aquifer and decide to settle there; however, they quickly discover that the land they’ve just settled on may be highly unstable. 

“So Cold” is the first single the quintet has released since The Clear Blue Pearl, and the song is a seductive track that owes a great debt to old school soul, funk and R&B ballads, as well as jazz but with a contemporary twist. Check out how the interplay between the Shook twins’ effortlessly soulful voices, twinkling keyboards and a sinuous bass line. Lyrically, the song is a lament over foolishly letting someone leave your life and the hindsight is 20/20 sense that you’ve somehow had a terrible lapse of judgement. And yet, you still long for that person with a desperate urgency.