The Portland, OR-based trio of Hustle and Drone was formed when keyboardist Ryan Neighbors left Portugal the Man to pursue his own creative endeavors. He enlisted the assistance of long-time friend Kirk Ohnstand and the duo immediately went to the studio to write and record the material that wound up on their debut, self-titled EP which was released back in 2012. 

Last summer, Ohnstand left the group but Andy Black and Ryan Moore were enlisted to flesh out the band’s sounds they were finishing the material on the band’s debut full-length Holylandwhich Red Bull Sound Select will be releasing on September 2. 

Holyland’s first single is the catchily anthemic “The Glow” which consists of huge, room-rattling boom bap/808-styled drums, layers upon layers of buzzing synths and devastatingly earnest vocals. The first time i heard the song I immediately pictured a large room of sweaty, enthralled kids shouting the lyrics along with (and at) the band. Certainly, it’s a summer party jam but the song is actually much deeper than that, as it manages to capture the boundless optimism and uncertainty of someone in their 20s. 

The official video has the band plaint in what I presume is Portland, OR’s Moda Center features the band performing “The Glow” in an empty arena, spliced together with footage of people seemingly losing their shit or appearing as though they had went a few rounds against Mike Tyson.