The Queens, NYC-based Panopoulos brothers, Teddy (vocals) and Nick (guitar and vocals) have spent about a decade playing in a number of bands in the city’s underground scene. But almost two years ago, the Panopoulos brothers teamed up with Fabien Street for their latest project Dead Waves. With the release of their Kill the Youth EP and the Take Me Away EP, the trio have received quite a bit of attention nationally for a sound that immediately brings the 90s grunge rock sound to mind – in particular, Bleach-era Nirvana; so it shouldn’t be terribly surprising that the band won the attention of the legendary producer, Steve Albini, who takes the production role on their latest 7 inch, which was recorded in one take on tape. 

“Oracles of the Grave” is the A side of the single and it’s a visceral, slow burning and noisy dirge full of buzzing, scuzzy power chords and Teddy Panopoulos’s howled vocals – it sounds as though his vocal chords are fraying at the edges and bears quite a resemblance to Nirvana; however, the song manages to feel completely improvised and with angrier lyrics.