The Rotterdam, Netherlands-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentals Lisa van Viegen who writes, records and performs under the moniker of iET (pronounced “eet”) was born into a musical family and has been writing songs since she was 14 in Dutch before switching to English and learning guitar and trumpet. After a brief stint studying at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, van Viegen went on to write, produce and record her own projects, releasing a series of EPs titled The Kitchen Recordings, which featured collaborations with vocalists across Europe. 

Already released in the Netherlands, van Viegen’s debut effort, and seeing a global release on June 9, So Unreal was produced by Russel Elevado, who has worked with the likes of D’Angelo, Erykah Badu and Alicia Keys; however, the first single off the forthcoming album, “Hold On Tight,” sonically owes a debt to 70s disco, soul and funk, thanks to a sinuous bass line, punctuated by hand claps and an uplifting message – the song as van Viegan has said in interviews is about simultaneously pursuing your dreams and letting go; in other words, pursing your dreams and yet being in the moment, enjoying the process and the journey. And when you hear the song, it’s funk and soulfulness are effortless and breezy, and in a way that sets her apart from some of her extremely talented contemporaries.