The sibling tro of Allie, Jaclyn and Trevor Blumas, the Toronto, ON/Montreal, QC-based electronic act Doomsquad won attention across their native Canada and internationally with the release of their debut effort, Kalaboogie, an effort that possessed a unique brand of downtempo electronica, as it had a sound that evoked what life, art and music would be like post-apocaylpse. In other words, their sound consists of ritualistic, repetitious chanting, guitar, flue and synth paired with stark, minimalist beats that created an anxious tension. Interestingly, Kalaboogie also evokes the tension when an ancient culture or tradition finds itself uneasily colliding with modern life. 

“Two Way Mirror,” the latest single off the Canadian trio’s recently released Pageantry Suite EP pairs angular, funk guitar with African polyrhythmic percussion, atmospherically swirling electronics, shimmering synths, supple bass lines, off-kilter, half-spoken, half sung vocals with harmonized vocals at the chorus and hook. Much like the EP’s first single “Apocalypso,” “Two Way Mirror” manages to be breezier than their previous effort; in fact, the sense of dread and doom is much more subtle, as it evokes a neurotic anxiousness over impending doom that may – or may not happen. Interestingly, this track along with its predecessor sound as though the trio had spent quite a bit of time listening to Talking HeadsSpeaking in Tongues and Fear of Music

The video, which is interestingly enough, the first part of a two part series follows the escalating duties of a Roswell, NM-based UFO tour guide, and it manages to evoke a sense of paranoid dread.