The Sydney, Australia-based quartet the Laurels are known for a lush, psychedelic sound heavily inspired by 60s psych rock – so it shouldn’t be surprising that they’ve shared a stage with the Black Angels, Tame Impala, A Place to Bury Strangers and others. Their debut full-lenght effort, Plains,inspired by Gerald Murnane’s The Plains covers some interesting philosophical terrain – the search for meaning in an abstract, indefinite space, and the feeling that anything is possible without knowing how to exactly make it happen. 

“Manic Saturday” is the first single from the album, which is slated for an April 16th release, and the track is a fuzzy, buzzing wall of sound that kind of reminds me of the Beatles – in particular “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

You can catch them on their Stateside tour that include stops at the Austin Pysch Fest, and May 1st at Death by Audio