The Sydney, Australia-based trio of Yes I’m Leaving, which is comprised of David Cooke (bass), Anthony Boyer (drums) and Billy Burke (guitar), have recorded and released three records and developed a reputation for a live sound that local critics and bloggers have described as a mix between bands like Scratch Acid and Big Black. I’m not sure about that but on “Endless Mind,” the first single off Slow Release, which will see a September Stateside release, off the band’s Mission Bulb, the band clearly as a sound that bears a resemblance to Bleach and In Utereo-era Nirvana, Metz and even the Cummies in the sense that the song is comprised of blistering guitar riffs, murky yet tight rhythm section and Burke’s howled vocals – at points it sounds as though Burke is in unendurable and unceasing pain

Indeed for a trio, Yes I’m Leaving has a punishingly loud sound that manages to add a sense of primal menace that’s strangely kind of cathartic. But under the surface it’s kind of neurotic, anxious and scatting – a desperate yell in desperate times, perhaps?