The Viennese duo of Mel and Clemens formed electro pop act Möwe (which is German for seagull) when the duo realized that they wanted to do something very different from Mary Lost Her Pathos, the indie rock band they were previously in. And in some way, Mel and Clemens viewed the project as a war on the cold winter months, as they specialize in very summery sounds – but with the use of saxophone throughout, the Austrian duo sound as though they could have been released though Cascine Records

Their incredibly upbeat single “Blauer Tag” (“Blue Day”) has seen quite a bit of attention across the interwebs as the song received 20,000 views on YouTube and Soundcloud within the first two weeks of the song’s release. After all, the song is comprised of finger snaps, sinuous synths, warm blasts of sax, a catchy hook – if you don’t find yourself dancing to this, then you’re probably dead.