Thee Oh Sees have been an incredibly prolific, as they’ve written, recorded and released 12 albums worth of material since 2004. And each album has been radically different. Their latest album, Floating Coffin released through Castle Face Records was named CMJ’s number 1 most added record. And after hearing the woozy, menacing power chords of “Toe Cutter, Thumb Buster” you’ll see why.

The official video was recently released and much like the song, the video is menacing and totally fucked up. The main character of the video has just committed a murder and as he’s tossing his victim into the trunk of his car, he has the funny sense that someone is watching him. Our main character’s response is a desperate and horrifyingly brutal murder. Of course, ironically as he was murdering an eyewitness, another eyewitness sees him. And it continues a brutal and inescapable violent cycle for him. It’s bizarre, fucked up and darkly comic, and it fits the song perfectly.