This live footage of Parliament Funkadelic shot in Houston, TX back in 1976 is actually part of one of the most incredible bills I’ve ever heard. Opening for Parliament Funkadelic was Sly Stone and the Family Stone and Bootsy Collins and the Rubber Band. (Maybe footage can be found on YouTube?)

There are several highlights from this footage, including a length, jam-band version of “Mothership Connection,” a surreal and funky version of “Comin’ Down the Mountain,”  as well as their signature tracks, “P. Funk,” and “Tear the Roof Off” and of course, more. This is in addition to the jam session that has Sly Stone jamming out with Parliament. We can put that in the “Holy shit, dude. That actually happened” category.

From this footage of the band in their young prime, you can see how they wound up becoming one of the more influential and beloved acts of the last 50 years – and they did so by being uncompromisingly strange, satirical and political. Also, George Clinton and Bootsy Collins were two of the coolest brothers out there.