Three quarters of the members of Hundred Visions, Ben Maddox (vocals, guitar), Wes Turner (bass) and Johnny Krueger (guitar) originally hail from West Texas and have been playing in bands together since they were teenagers. After relocating to Austin, the trio of Maddox, Turner and Krueger eventually recruited Eric Loftis (drums) to flesh out their sound and their band Hundred Visions was officially born back in 2010. 

Building off the buzz of their formation, the band released a number of inches in 2010, which won the attention of fellow Austinites and indie rock darlings White Denim, with whom the newly formed quartet toured the US and Canada. And immediately after that tour, they released their debut effort, Permanent Basement in 2012.

“You’re Gonna Cut Me Loose,” is the first single off the band’s soon-to-be released sophomore effort SPITE and it’s comprised of angular buzzing guitars, howled vocals and distortion that sounds as though they were playing through ratty beaten up amplifiers — and it evokes a bilious, sneering, spiteful feel while being accessible. And yet, despite the rawness of the material, the song is actually quite hook-laden in a rather unexpected way. 

Directed by Josh Rogers of Broken Machine Films, the official video for “You’re Gonna Cut You Loose” is culled from various lost and vintage 8mm stag reels and snuff b-movies he has collected over the past decade, and then stitched together and edited in a such a fashion to resemble grainy VHS tape. The effect it creates is a chilling mix of darkness, mystery, sex and murder which is fitting for the Halloween season.