Throwback: Happy 75th Birthday, Florian Schneider!

It’s Aries season, y’all! And the month or so of the astrological sign is busy and auspicious for music history:

I’m a huge Kraftwerk fan. If you listen to them in their proper context, the German electronic outfit created the sound of the future. Without their mind-blowing adoption of the synthesizer as a melodic instrument and sound processor in 1974 — 1974 y’all! — the things we love wouldn’t be possible now.

And on a personal note, it shouldn’t be surprising that during my trips to Germany and The Netherlands that I played a lot of Kraftwerk. So listening to Kraftwerk immediately brings back very fond memories of riding the S-bahn 3 into Frankfurt’s Haupwatche section or of riding the Dutch railways back and forth between Dordrecht and Amsterdam.

But since we’re focusing on birthdays . . 75 years ago today, Kraftwerk’s co-founder Florian Schneider was born today. And the best way to celebrate is to play his influential work.

Happy birthday, Florian! Happy birthday, wherever you are!