Today has inadvertently turned into psych rock day thanks to Soundcloud and an absolutely fantastic track by Chicago’s Secret Colours. In any case, check out “Outta Mind,” a single from the Seattle, WA-by-way-of Dallas and Austin, TX-based trio Night Beats. Bearing a similarity to the Brooklyn-based band Raccoon Fighter, the track owes a great debt to 60s garage rock – the track manages to roar and jingle ever so slightly, as vocalist Lee Blackwell shouts and howls the song’s lyrics, which deal with falling in love and how it kind of makes you crazy. 

In some way the track sounds as though it was recorded and released in 1964 and was discovered in a dusty bin of forgotten, discarded albums in a used record store in someplace like Albany or Portland, ME. And somehow someone discovered the album because it had a cool cover.