Together as a band for a little over a year, the Galway, Ireland-based band Dott quickly won a great deal of attention across both the UK and the States. A number of their songs have received regular radio play on BBC Radio, and they’ve received quite a bit of attention in blogs across the States, including this one for a jangling guitar pop sound that’s reminiscent of the Go-Go’s, Veruca SaltBelle and SebastianCamera Obscura, and others. 

Swoon, the band’s debut effort released last year through the Savannah, GA-based label Graveface Records consists of songs in which each narrator feels like a fleshed out woman – the sort of woman that I’ve known and have admired, and I guarantee that you’d probably feel the same upon listening to the album. “Talk To You,” the latest single and video from Swoon has a painfully shy narrator, who wishes she can build up the courage to speak to the object of her affection. Indeed, exposing one’s heart to others with the hopes that they might feel the same for you is a rather frightening, anxiety-inducing experience that we all have been familiar with at some point in our lives.