Toronto, ON-based avant garde pop artist Valery Gore began her musical career with formal training at the piano when she was 8. Gore’s classical training was further developed into conceptual songwriting when she studied jazz at Humber College. But much like a lot of contemporary artists who were trained in jazz, Gore used her training to enrich her songwriting. 

The release of her her debut effort put Gore on the map as an artist to pay attention to as she developed a reputation for highly innovative songwriting and composition. In fact, her sophomore effort Avalanche to Wandering Bear was praised by Exclaim Magazine as “one of the best written and produced albums of the year.”

Gore’s third effort. Idols in the Dark Heart may well put the Canadian singer/songwriter and composer on the international map as the album reveals Gore to be an exceptionally adept and adaptable songwriter. The album’s latest single (and video) “With the Future” is an airy bit of electro pop that sounds as though Gore were listening to Kate Bush albums and Sylvan Esso singles. Although seductive,  the track manages to convey a sense of alienation and confusion, as though the narrator recognizes that the relationship that they’re in is all but an illusion. 

The official video manages to further emphasis the sense of alienation and distance that’s in the song and in a way that has me rethinking the relationships I’ve ever entered into.