Up-and-coming British electronic R&B vocalist Robyn Sherwell has received quite a bit of attention internationally for her last single “Islander” which was released at the tail end of last year; in fact, the single was premiered at Noisey and received almost 150,000 plays on Spotify within days of it’s release, thanks in part to a drum-heavy, pop chorus. Her latest single “Pale Lung” is deeply inspired by a personal experience she had several years ago – a mix of guilty and desire that comes from recognizing that you have a spark withs someone that you probably couldn’t or shouldn’t pursue; in many ways a deeply secret affair. Hey, I promise, we’ve all been there. 

Sonically, the song pairs Sherwell’s unforced, soulful vocals with a sparse arrangement of piano, drums and swirling electronics; in fact, the sparse arrangement allows Sherwill’s vocals room to dart and roam through the song’s instrumentation – you’re forced to pay attention to how her voice intertwines the piano and the electronics, and helps to emphasizes the furtive nature of the song.