Vanessa Brown, writes, produces and performs as V.V. Brown and when she released her latest effort, Samson and Delilah, Brown added the title of record label head to her description, as she released the album through her own label, YOY Records late last year. 

“The Apple,” one of the album’s big singles was a glitchy bit of electro pop with industrial noises swirling in and of the mix as Brown’s powerful, vocals propelled the song forward. Sonically, the material is darker than her previous work while still being accessible and pop-friendly. In fact, in some way, “The Apple” compares favorably to that of Light Asylum, a band whose sound manages to be industrial with a bit of a pop sensibility.

Brown recently released a new recorded version of “Faith” off Samson and Delilah featuring the vocals of Kele Okereke of Bloc Party. Consisting of layers of shimmering synths and swirling blips and bloops, the song is a slow-burning and somber ballad built around the lyric “‘You gotta have faith."What makes the song intriguing to me is how Okereke’s and Brown’s vocals manage to intertwine almost seamlessly on the hook – in some way, it reminds me of Peter Gabriel’s work with Kate Bush throughout the 80s.