Vocalist Anika spent her professional career as a political journalist living between Berlin and Bristol, UK when she had met producer Geoff Barrow. At the time, Barrow was seeking a vocalist to work with his band Beak>, and when Barrow first met Anika, they both recognized a shared love of punk, dub music, and 60s girl groups. About a week later, Barrow and Anika and the members of Beak> went into the studio to record, and twelve days later, the result was Anika’s full-length debut, recorded with no overdubs – and completely live with the entire band in the same room. Anika backed by the members of Beak> covered the Chromatics’ “In the City” and their cover manages to be trashy, murky, mysterious, anxious and unsettling, yet seductive – but no matter what, funky. 

Sonically, it bears some similarity to Geoff Barrow’s famed musical project Portishead but with some differences both subtle and obvious. But at the end of the day, Anika’s sound is just funkier and dirtier.