Walking Shapes, which consists of Nathaniel Hoho (vocals, guitar), Jesse Kotansky (guitar, violin and vocals), Jake Generall (keys, vocals), Dan Krysa (bass, vocals) and Christopher Heinz (drums) has received quite a bit of love and attention from several notable blogs across town including the likes of the Deli NYCEarmilk and others for a sound that’s been compared to Radiohead and Alt J by some. But this much is true, their sound generally possesses an art rock, angular sheen with forceful guitars but underneath it there’s a very subtle sense of sleaze and danger just underneath the surface — and it does so in a seductive fashion. However, on their latest single “Winter Fell,” from the band’s recently album Taka Come On, has the band playing with a tightly held restraint, creating a sense of quiet delicacy meant to evoke the sensation of a lover whispering sweet nothings in your ear. (But it also manages to remind me a little bit of the Strokes.

The official video for “Winter Fell” continues a previously held aesthetic – it’s shot on black and white 8mm film and is comprised of modern ballet dancers, seemingly dancing to the seductive and atmospheric croon of the song.