Warp Records released Silver WilkinsonBibio’s most recent full-length release early last year, and the material managed to be summery and psychedelic in a way that was reminiscent of the likes of Nick Drake and interestingly enough, Junip. “Dye the Water Green,” which appears on Silver Wilkinson also appears on The Green EP which will see a January 28th release domestically through Warp Records and across Canada through Fontana North Distribution. Much like the rest of the material on Silver Wilkinson, “Dye the Water Green” manages to have an ethereal breeziness but an underlying pensive nature. But what makes The Green EP special is that it’ll include several unreleased songs that Bibio (a.k.a. Stephen Wilkinson) believes serve as great compliments to the song. 

The video evokes the sensation of wandering in an English meadow or an English forest in mid October or early November, just at twilight.