Washed Out‘s Within Without landed at number 24 on this site’s Best of 2011 List thanks to Ernest  Greene’s cooed vocals over icy synths played through gently, swirling reverb and delay pedals. Sonically, the tracks on that album struck me as being reminiscent of 80s snyth-based pop acts such as Howard JonesThomas Dolbythe Pet Shop Boys and Tears for Fears – but possessing an elegantly shimmering quality that will steal your heart away.  

Sub Pop Records recently released Greene’s follow up and sophomore effort, Paracosm and the album is thematically centered around the examination of the phenomenon of people creating extremely detailed, imaginary worlds. With the release of the album’s second single, “Feels All Right” you’ll notice quite a change in sonic direction. The material is warmer, more psychedelic,  more tribal and bears a passing resemblance to Cut Copy’Zonoscope but more lush and with tighter hooks. 

but with more of an emphasis on live instrumentation. And yet, the dreamy interior monologue-like quality of the music remains. 

You can catch Washed Out live throughout August and September, as he’ll be touring to support the new effort, and it includes stops in Los Angeles, CA; the Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle, WA;Vancouver, BC; Chicago, IL; Minneapolis, MNDetroit, MI; Toronto, ON; Terminal 5; and several other venues.