When I first learned that the Roots and the legendary Elvis Costello would be collaborating on an album, titled Wise Up Ghost my initial thought was – “Well that is a rather unlikely collaboration. How will that work?" 

if album title track, "Wise Up Ghost” is indicative of what you’d hear on the rest of the album, Wise Up Ghost may well be the sort of album that fans and critics will be talking about for quite some time. In the case of “Wise Up Ghost,” the song is probably the darkest, most outright sinister and yet beautiful song the Roots have ever done and it fits Costello’s lyrics which contain surreal, post-apocaylptic imagery. In some way, it captures the modern sense of unease, uncertainty, turmoil and desperation that we’re all innately aware of –  because we see it on a daily basis: millions starving because of economic crisis or because of unpredictable and weather patterns; millions dying from war, starvation, entirely preventable disease; increasing gaps between the very rich and the extremely poor; the destruction of our only home; and worse. Things seem inching closer to the end of days, and no one has an answer . . 

Even from this live footage, shot last Monday at Brooklyn Bowl, there’s a sense of true artists collaborating and creating something deeply unique. Just check out how the audience is utterly transfixed by these artists and their work. And certainly, I can’t blame them – what you’re seeing here is a timeless moment.