When Ludacris first came out, i was a huge fan – in fact, on road trips with my ex girlfriend I would always make sure that I’d play “Ho,” “Southern Hospitality” and “Hoes (Area Codes)” as often as humanly possible. So when I heard that Jonwayne remixed some Ludacris for a forthcoming album, Remixes Are People Too, I realized that I had to check it out. 

Heavily inspired by Lex Luger’s sound, the remix titled “Luda Goes to Church and I DL Lex Lugar’s Drum Kit,” has Ludacris spitting at a rapid fire pace over languorous, twisting and turning organ chords, and staccato drum beats, and at one point layers of vocals are fed through vocoder and Auto-Tune to create a staggering, almost towering bit of sound while still remaining something you can bop to on a pair of headphones or in the club.