When you think of the blues, you immediately think of colorful characters such as Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Robert Johnson and others. And in the last 50 years or so, Dr. John immediately comes to mind – and if you really know your stuff, Bobby Rush also comes to mind. Both men hail from Louisiana, and have known each other more than 50 years, going back to their days on the R&B circuit of the 60s; however, strangely enough, Dr. John and Rush had never recorded together – that is until they collaborated with funk band Blinddog Smokin,’ whose founder Carl Gustafson is a mutual friend, on “Another Murder in New Orleans." 

"Another Murder in New Orleans” is the first single on Decisions, an album that has Bobby Rush teaming up with Blinddog Smokin’, and is slated for an April 15th release.

Sadly, the song is inspired by the sobering reality of the street violence that has ravaged New Orleans post-Katrina in graphic and realistic terms. It’s not written to frighten people from one of the great music cities of the world but is written as a warning of the effects of senseless violence on the families of the victims, the families of the perpetrators and society at large. 

Obviously, it’s cool to see two old pros still at it, and doing it big but it’s also cool to see both of them tackling a song with a sobering, and very serious social message – while the song retains a sultry, bluesy shuffle.