With the end of yet another year, in some way we all can’t help but be a bit nostalgic. We can’t help but think about the loved ones who are no longer with us, the good times, bad times and everything else in between, and if your’e anything like me, the music of our lives. While on YouTube I came across this great footage of Echo and the Bunnymen on the German TV program Rockpalast in 1983. 

If you’re an Echo and the Bunnymen fan you’ll likely be thrilled to catch footage of a young, mostly coherent Ian McCulloch; but perhaps more importantly for those who aren’t fans, you’ll hear the band play songs from two of their most beloved and important albums in their catalog – Crocodiles and Heaven Up Here. Both albums capture a sense of  anxious, dread and portentous doom that still is felt now. 

Check out the video, it’s some great footage. I think if you weren’t a fan before, this video will convince you.