With the release of her self-titled debut earlier this year, the Nashville, TN-based (by way of Cleveland, OH and Virginia Beach, VA) Natalie Prass has quickly become a blogosphere darling. “Why Don’t You Believe Me,” the album’s first single possesses a warm, anachronistic feel – sonically and even lyrically, the track channels the quietly self-assured soulfulness of Still Bill-era Bill Withers and Carole King’s Tapestry complete with bursts of horn, fluttering flute, twinkling piano keys and bluesy guitar paired with Prass’s gossamer vocals. 

Repeated listens reveal that Prass is an exceptional songwriter, as the song feels and sounds as though it comes from deeply lived in experience. it captures the inner monologue of a scorned and confused lover, who can’t quite figure out what happened to her relationship. Plagued by self-doubt, the song’s narrator wonders if she’s done something wrong to end the relationship and yet, the song subtly implies that the song’s narrator hasn’t done anything wrong; that in fact, most relationships just fail and although ti’s heartbreaking, it’s a part of life that you deal with. 

Prass and her backing band were recently featured on Last Call with Carson Daly performing a more spacious and bluesier version of “Why Don’t You Believe Me.” She’s currently on a rather busy touring schedule to support the new album, which will include a prerequisite stop in Austin for SXSW but her profile has grown exponentially as not only has she begun touring with Ryan Adams, Adams has started covering one of her songs during his sets.