With the release of his 2011 debut effort, Amador, Adan Jodorwosky, who writes, records and performs under the moniker of Adanowksy developed a reputation for lush folk pop; the sort of lush folk pop that had him collaborating with the likes of Devandra Banhart. 

However, on ADA Jodorwosky intended on focusing on decadent, physical pleasures and in turn, the new effort reflects a change in sonic direction – the synth pop of 1980s Prince, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and others. So we’re talking about glistening, pulsating synths, vocals sung in breathy falsettos, four on the floor drums and in the official video for his latest single “Dancing to the Radio”– a sleazy sort of glam style. 

Okay, actually the official video reminds me of a number of 80s videos and is quite a hilarious send up as it has almost every single cliche that I remember as a child.