With the release of several singles off their forthcoming full-length album, White Reaper Does It Again, the Louisville, KY-based quartet White Reaper have forcefully taken over the blogosphere with an urgent, no bullshit, primal, old-fashioned brand of rock ‘n’ roll that’s primarily influenced by old-school garage rock. “Last 4th of July,” WRDIA’s latest single is arguably the most straightforward rock song on the entire album as it consists blistering guitars, propulsive drumming and howled vocals. And although the song kicks ass and takes names, at the core of the song is the narrator’s heartache and how the fourth of July is now a reminder of the moment his baby told him that they were leaving. 

The video is comprised of awesome footage from The Age of Reason of young people doing something I’ve always wanted to  do– smash shit up with a sledgehammer or a pick axe. And it suits the blistering frenzy of the song.