With the release of their debut full-length The Last Dreams on Earth (2013) and The Lucid Dream EP (2014), the Italian duo, A Copy for Collapse, comprised of  Daniele Raguso and Aria Myrskya, have gained international attention for a sound that blends elements of chillwave, electronica, synth pop and nugaze to craft a dreamy sound backed by propulsive beats, and for collaboration with Canadian-Ukranian dream pop duo  Ummagma, Russian shoegaze act Aerofall, Redrum Alone, Leland, and Ecole du Ciel. Adding to a growing national and international profile, the duo have toured with the likes of Slow Magic, Underworld’s Darren Price, Etienne de Crecy, The KVB, Gazelle Twin and Aucan, who have remixed their work with a heavy Eurocentric electronica bent. 

Sonically, the duo’s sound draws from Telefon Tel Aviv, Boards of Canada and Toro Y Moi in a rather seamless fashion – although when I first heard their latest single “Grey Sunday” I was reminded quite a bit more of New Order’s instrumental tracks, as “Grey Sunday” consists of eerily atmospheric synths paired with propulsive, four-on-the-floor drumming. The song manages to be danceable and yet dreamily and darkly ethereal. 

The official video for the song is a stark and gorgeous meditation that follows a woman as she slowly loses her mind. It’s fitting eerie for such an eerily moody song.