Written in Hamilton, ON and produced by Tony Hoffer, best known for his work with Beckthe Kooks and M83High Noonthe Arkells’s latest effort may arguably be the band’s most unabashedly earnest to date. The album’s latest single “11:11” continues where “Come to Light” left off int eh sense that their sound manages to mesh elements of the old school rock sound of the likes of Bruce Springsteen and h the contemporary art rock sheen of the Darcys, Cut Copy and others. 

In fact, “11:11” is probably the most direct love song, I’ve heard in quite some time. The narrator describes what he may wrongly believe is an unrequited love for his objet of desire, but discovers that like most situations in which we put our hearts on the line, that it’s much more complicated and strange. The object of desire may ostensibly feel the same way, and just when they were about to consummate their feelings with a kiss, a cab shows up to pick her up, leaving him to feel even more confused. Oh, how I’ve been in that situation before!