Your Skull My Closet and Radkey at Mercury Lounge 2/20/14

Your Skull Your Closet and Radkey 

Mercury Lounge

February 20, 2014

Having a full-time job while running a website full-time often means that I often have competing demands on my time but I manage it pretty well – so well that while at a party, an acquaintance couldn’t believe that for the most part this site has been a one-man operation. in any case, back in February, I was at the Mercury Lounge to catch indie rock, blogosphere sensation Radkey, whose New York dates were the last North American dates before a European tour.

Opening the night was Your Skull My Closet, a band with a terrible name but with sleazy, stoner rock vibe reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss and others – in other words, sprawling, power chord rock with songs that were at times intricate and very complex. The songs manage to take up a lot of musical space and had a lot going on – more than what you might think was possible for a trio. I was really impressed by their sound.

Following them was the young sibling trio of Radkey – and by young, we’re talking about i could conceivably be the youngest band member’s father. If that doesn’t make you reconsider what you’ve been doing with your life – especially after catching them live. For such a young band, they’re probably one of the more self-assured performers i’ve seen in recent memory; in fact, on a stage, they seem much older and polished than their actual age. And although their sound comes from a familiar place – punk rock influenced by the Ramones, Danzig/the Misfits and others – they do it extremely well. They got the entire room with live, blistering renditions of “Romance Dawn” and “Start Freaking Out.” From their live set, these young brothers have quite a future. 

Your Skull Your Closet


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