Zohra Atash and Joshua Strawn were formerly core members of Religious  To Damn, when they decided that they needed to switch gears from the multi-member ensemble to a drum and bass heavy, electro-centered duo after they had the realization that having multiple musicians frequently slowed down the creative process, and made live performances difficult. As Azar Swan, Atash and Strawn recorded material that draws from several different influences including the Dream, and These New Puritans. Although when I’ve played “AMRIKA,” the latest single from the duo. I’m kind of reminded of a percussive version of Kate Bush – or of Peter Gabriel. (I should mention that this track is set to be part of a debut full-length which is slated for a release later on this spring.)

The video follows Antash’s young niece, as she spends time home alone, rummaging around records and playing with random instruments. Interestingly, it manages to be somewhat autobiographical as it closely hews to Antash’s own experience as an immigrant (and outsider) who immersed herself totally in music and MTV.