Live Concert Photography: A Murder of Crows Festival at Brooklyn Bazaar 9/16/18 feat. ACTORS with VOWWS Azur Swan Bootblacks and Way Out

Live Concert Photography: A Murder of Crows Festival at Brooklyn Bazaar 9/16/18 feat. ACTORS with VOWWS Azur Swan Bootblacks and Way Out

I’ve been adhering to social distancing guidelines and quarantines as much as humanly possible over the past four months or so. Of course, during that period, I’ve gone out for the occasional walk to get some fresh air, exercise and to take photos; to run household errands and get prescriptions for my mom; and for my mom’s various medical appointments she fights uterine cancer. (If I’m leaving my building for any reason, I cover my face. It’s inconvenient but it helps stop the spread of COVID — and it’s thoughtful to those around me. Mom is fighting cancer and I’m sure that there’s someone else in my neighborhood, who has a loved one fighting cancer right now. I know a few people who are fighting cancer or have relatives and loved ones fighting cancer.  I also have people who are immune compromised. So if there’s a PSA to all of this: PUT ON A FUCKING COVERING, YOU IDIOTS!)

Beyond that my life has generally been rather lonely and monotonous: I’ll usually have a couple of beers and work deep into the wee hours. Most of the time, I’ll work until the sun rises; but lately, I’ve managed to fall asleep in front of my computer with everything on for a few hours. When that happens, I’ll shut everything off, brush my teeth and go back to sleep. When I get up, I’ll have breakfast with mom, work for a few hours, run errands, eat dinner and repeat.

Unsurprisingly, over the course of this site’s ten year history, I’ve managed to compile and develop a deep archive of unedited photos. As I’ve mentioned throughout this site’s history, much of my work with JOVM has coincided with working full-time, corporate jobs in book publishing as an Editorial Assistant and Acquisitions Editor. And if you add commuting back and forth to work and shows, listening to and writing about music, editing photos, going through my correspondence and even occasionally having a romantic and social life to my day, there sometimes just wasn’t enough time in my day to sleep or daydream or just do anything else.

Sadly, much of this work going through photos has managed to be an uncomfortable reminder of the some of the things I’ve loved so much — and won’t get back for the foreseeable future, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the fucking idiots, who won’t put something on their goddamn faces. (ONE MORE TIME: PUT SOMETHING OVER YOUR FUCKING FACE WHEN YOU GO OUTSIDE, TO PREVENT THE SPREAD OF COVID-19, YOU FUCKING IDIOTS!)

Back in September 2018, I caught the second night of the Goth/New Wave festival, A Murder of Crows at the now-shuttered Brooklyn Bazaar, which featured ACTORS, VOWWS, Azur Swan, Bootblacks, and Way Out. Check out photos from the show below.


IMG_1035   IMG_0956

IMG_0947   IMG_0916

IMG_1052   IMG_1045

IMG_1007   VOWWS   IMG_0828

IMG_0745 IMG_0744

IMG_0856       Azur Swan IMG_0557

IMG_0567 IMG_0582

IMG_0630   IMG_0714

IMG_0726      Bootblacks IMG_0501

IMG_0220 IMG_0242

IMG_0507 IMG_0454

IMG_0476       Way Out   IMG_0022

IMG_0011 IMG_0035

IMG_0044 IMG_0136


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