After the release of covers of the work of Phil Collins, Chris Brown, and Rihanna and her Feelings EP, Danish-born, London-based singer/songwriter Marie Dahlstrøm received international attention across most of the European Union, and is arguably an up-and-coming pop star, as Dahlstrøm is a three-time Scandinavian Soul Award winner. 

Dahlstrøm’s latest single, “Look the Other Way” has the Danish-born, London-based singer/songwriter teaming up with Brighton, UK-based vocalist Sophie Faith, and features production from the highly sought after producer, DK The Punisher, who’s best known for his work with Justin Beiber on Beibers’s “All That Matters.” Structurally and thematically, the new single channels Brandy and Monica’s 1998 (god, it was that long ago!) duet/battle “The Boy Is Mine” as the single has Dahlstrøm and Faith alternating vocal responsibilities on each verse and teaming up on the chorus, as the song’s dueling narrators openly question the state of their romantic relationships with the love interest at the center of the song. Essentially, the two narrators are in the middle of a love triangle – and each narrator is wondering if they should continue the relationship or just walk away for their own sanity. However, sonically speaking -the song features Faith’s effortlessly soulful vocals and Dahlstrøm’s cooing backed by icily cascading and twinkling synths and hip-hop influenced beats. Production-wise, the song is a sleek and hyper modern/hyper-contemporary sound – but it manages to heighten the uncertainty and confusion that comes up with just about every romantic dealing we’ll ever start. After all, how many times have we misinterpreted the intentions and desire of our friends and romantic partners; how many times have, we found distortions and illusions? 

Dahlstrøm is putting the finishing touches on forthcoming EP slated for release sometime this summer, and based on “Look the Other Way,” I fully expect that you’ll be hearing quite a bit about the three-time Scandinavian Soul Award winner over the next few months.