Alan Wilkis is the mastermind behind Big Data. and his first later single “Dangerous” featuring Joywaye is an incredibly funky and slickly produced bit of electro pop that’s perfect for the dance floor – and it manages to have an incredibly catchy hook. 

Wilkis worked with the direction team of Brandon LaGranke and John Carlucci of Ghost + Cow, to write and develop the video’s treatment. And as Wilkis has publicly explained the video is a satirical send up on modern American marketing: the video follows the launch of a fictional sneaker by Big Data company, from its initial conception and testing through it’s marketing phase – to the actual creation of the commercials advertising the sneakers. And the video cuts back and forth between the two. But the twist is that the lifestyle the commercial is pure evil. In fact, the shoe actually inspires its wearer to acts of bloody violence.