Although they manage to operate with a purposefully mysterious cloak around them, the Stockholm, Sweden-based electro pop act Baron Bane formed in 2003, and since the act’s formation they’ve developed a reputation for a sound that explored the contrasts between cold and warm; digital and analog; acoustic and electronic; and for a live show that combines a visual display with their music. And as a result, the act has received international attention across the European Union and the US. The Swedish act’s sophomore effort, LPTO was released to critical praise in 2011 by the likes of Uncut Magazine, who had compared the act to both ABBA and Morrissey (huh?) with album singles “Orchids” “Love.Cure.All” receiving airplay on British radio – with “Love.Cure.All” also named as a Single of the Week of iTunes Japan. Additionally, “My Show World” appeared on an episode of MTV’s Awkward.

The Swedish electro pop act’s forthcoming third album, appropriately named III has already received international attention with the album’s first single “By The Waves” receiving attention and praise from the Berlin, Germany-based Scandinavian music blog, Nordic by Nature, PopMatters and A Heart Is A Spade. “Fire Play,” the album’s latest single is a chilly and tense song comprised of layers of cascading synths and propulsive, forceful beat paired with a gorgeous pop-orientated melody that belies the dark, subtly seductive nature of the song. As the band notes, “’Fire Play’ is a story about a beautiful but dangerous desire: an addition in bloom. What starts out as an attractive and luring game soon fully consumes the self.”  And in some way, the song evokes being pulled by something that starts to take control and how quickly and subtly something like addiction can take over your life.

The recently released official video for the song has a very simple concept – you see the mysterious Swedish act performing the song in eerily moody stage lighting and smoke machine fog, which heightens the song’s murky yet seductive feel.