Andrzej Zagajewski is a Krakow, Poland-based producer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ and vocalist, who performs in a number of bands in which he plays tenor mandolin (his primary instrument) banjo, and saz (a stringed musical instrument related to the lute, played in the Eastern Mediterranean, Central Asia and Near East). In Poland, Zagajewski is best known as the lead singer of the folk-punk band Hańba! (which means translates into English as Shame), a band known for lyrics that refer to the the political and social problems in Poland before World War 2.

As a solo artist, Zagajewski writes, records and performs under the pseudonym Ludwik Zamenhof. His soon-to-be released album, Balkan Error employs elements of Bulgarian, Polish, Balkan, Indian and Syrian music, along with dub step, drum ‘n’ bass, breakcore and glitch. And as you’ll hear on the album’s first single, “Balkan Glitch Step,” the sound that Zagejewski has created is exotic, world spanning and difficult to pigeonhole, as it may sound dimly familiar and yet alien; old-timey and yet hyper modern; ethereal and yet incredibly dense; experimental and yet incredibly accessible. When you hear it, it’s the kind of trippy song that would blow people’s minds in a packed club or while hanging out with your friends.