As a music journalist, it’s often extremely convenient to get caught up on your local scene or your national scene. Sometimes it’s out of unadulterated and unapologetic biases but usually it’s out of both laziness and ignorance – and admittedly, there are some across the blogosphere who are shamefully ignorant. 

it’s not popularly known here in the States but Greece has a particular vital and interesting music scene – in particular, there have been a couple of psych rock bands based out of that ancient home of democracy that have won international attention. The Athens, Greece-based act, Acid Baby Jesus released their self-titled debut full-length back in 2011, and the folks at Pitchfork have suggested that the album was slept on when it initially came out; however, the band have followed that album up with the Selected Recordings EP, which is comprised of material written and recorded over the past two years. 

Reportedly written while on a secluded Mediterranean island populated by a cast of travelers starving for a heady atmosphere, the EP and single, “Vegetable” is comprised of buzzing guitar, chiming guitars, howled vocals and organ, and sounds as though it could have been easily recorded in someone’s garage between 1966-1972. And much like the music of the era, there’s an experimental tendency underneath the surface that bears an uncanny resemblance to German forefathers of krautrock CAN