As I’ve mentioned about ohh – let’s say half a million times lately, in the four plus years that I’ve run JOVM, I can tell you that I receive an enormous amount of emails from a variety of artists, labels and publicity firms from all over the world. And although the number of emails are overwhelming, I try my best often unsuccessfully to go through everything while maintaining a full-time job. In the same day that I received an email from the mysterious electro pop act, Fine Print. Well interestingly enough, i heard from an equally mysterious, New Jersey-based electro pop act, Slp Tlk. And their latest single “Cool” bears an uncanny resemblance to St. Lucia – densely layered and percussive with a slick and catchy hook, while managing to be simultaneously breezy. Then pair that with earnest vocals and you’ll see what I mean.

The track is a warm, summery blast on a cool, December night – and it’s a super danceable track at that.