As I’ve often mentioned on this page, I receive quite a bit of email from a variety of publicity firms, labels, band managers. bands and artists from all over the world, and although it can be tremendously overwhelming, it makes it obvious to me that my mission of covering and presenting music from all over the world necessary – and desperately important. Right before the holiday, I heard from the Hamilton, ON-based quartet Put Sun. Comprised of Parth Jain, Stephane Senecal-Tremblay, Sam Rashid, and Nic Arbour, the Canadian quartet describe their sound on their Facebook fan page as “stoner garage rock,” and after you hear “Never Quit,” off the band’s most recent release, Feel Like I’m Going Away, you’ll have the sense that the band’s description is pretty apt, as you’ll hear scuzzy power chords, thundering drums and a throbbing bass line paired with howled vocals. Just listening to the track reminds me of grunge’s heyday – i’m suddenly brought back to 1991-1994 or so. But unlike the grunge I had grown up with, there’s a subtle psychedelic feel to the material – but it’s an absolutely face melting psychedelia. 

The gloriously slapdash, low-budget horror-based official video is obvious extremely DIY but also fitting for the sound and features some incredibly cheap and hilarious “special effects.” 

The Canadian quartet is on a rather lengthy tour to support Feel Like I’m Going Away and to build up buzz for their forthcoming EP, and it includes a stop at Hank’s Saloon on June 4 and Cake Shop on June 5.