As you know, I receive an increasing amount of emails from bands, labels, band managers and publicists all over the world and some time ago, I received en email from the Hamilton, ON-based electronic rock/electro pop quartet by the name of Illitry. And their latest single “Runaways” starts off with a dreamy, lullaby-like introduction, complete with twinkling keyboards  until you hear stuttering synths and percussion, and vocals fed through what sounds like Autotune. In some way, the song bears a sonic resemblance to BRAIDS – thanks to song’s sleek iciness. 

Lyrically, the song captures a troubled and very dysfunctional relationship over the course of a “very long year,” as the song goes. 

The official video, directed by Brooks Reynolds is a cinematically shot black and white video that depicts the tale of two young women and their supernatural transformation as they seek revenge against an oppressive employer