Based out of Sydney, Australia, the trio of Yes I’m Leaving,comprised of David Cooke (bass), Anthony Boyer (drums) and Billy Burke (guitar), have  released three albums and during that time have developed a reputation for a live sound that local critics and bloggers have described as a mix between bands like Scratch Acid and Big Black. I think that may well be arguable because to my ears, the band on “One” off their forthcoming Stateside release Slow Release clearly possesses a sound that bears a resemblance to Bleach and In Utereo-era NirvanaMetz and even the Cummies in the sense that the song is comprised of blistering guitar riffs, murky yet tight rhythm section and Burke’s howled vocals — at points it sounds as though Burke is in unendurable and unceasing pain

Indeed for a trio, Yes I’m Leaving has a punishingly loud sound that manages to add a sense of primal menace that’s strangely kind of cathartic. But under the surface it’s kind of neurotic, anxious and desperate yell in desperate times, perhaps?