Best known for his work in Italians Do It Better, Mike Simonetti broke off from the act late last year to focus on two new endeavors – 2MR, a label collaboration with Captured Tracks’ Mike Sniper and Pale Blue, his musical collaboration with Silver Hands’ Elizabeth Wight that takes its name from the term “Pale Blue Dot,” which Carl Sagan coined to refer to the photograph that the Voyager 1 took of Earth from over a billion miles away in space. 

Reportedly, Pale Blue’s forthcoming debut album. The Past We Leave Behind is heavily informed and influenced by Simonetti’s own personal experiences –  grappling with loss and learning to accept new beginnings as a natural part of life. As the Semisonic song wisely said “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end." 

The Past We Leave Behind’s latest single, "Dusk In Parts” featuring Jana Hunter is a slow-burning, eerily atmospheric song comprised of undulating synths, woofer rattling bass with ethereal, twinkling keys and pairs it with Hunter’s delicate crooning. In some way, the song channels and nods at industrial electronica but it also easily defies genre categorization as it possess a subtle yet dreamy sense of melody that gives the song a a dreamy air; in fact, every time I’ve heard the song, I’ve been struck by the fact that it bears a dim resemblance to Snap!’s “Rhythm Is A Dancer."