Blanck Mass is the solo side project of Fuck Buttons’ Benjamin John Power, and his latest album Dumb Flesh was  written, produced and recorded over the course of a year in a several different locations – Fuck Buttons’ Space Mountain Studio; a windowless attic space in Hatch End, North London; and Power’s new Edinburgh home. And reportedly, the changing of recording spaces helped to contribute to an ever-changing sound palette throughout the entire album – while thematically, the material concerns itself on the inherent flaws and frailty of the human body. 

Power explains in press notes that the songs on Dumb Flesh “took huge departures from their initial state during the production process. ‘Detritus’ perhaps saw the largest change of them all. As Power explains the song started its life at almost double the speed and with a distinctively different overall. And that from tech very beginning he knew that he wanted Rob Aiki Aubrey Lowe of OM, Lichens and 90 Day Men to contribute vocals at the closing section of the track. The version that made the album starts off with about 2 minutes or so of abrasive, industrial noise before thick, cascading synth chords begin bubbling out of a molten iron surface. Vocals gently bubble out in the background of the track a few minutes later. Throughout its entire 8 minute plus run time, the song evokes a tense, modern anxiety – of the sort that would feel fitting in a world of constant surveillance and in which everything seems on the precipice of complete catastrophe.